Hello Let’s Talk Black World!

It’s a safe space. It’s an encouraging space. It’s an empowering space.

We’re not the new gossip site that bashes and smashes. We’re here to uplift, empower, and share the good news in the Black Community, and… WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Here are some tips for users to help us keep this site a safe space, an encouraging space, and an empowering space:


  1. You may create your own threads or posts as often as you’d like
  2. You may respond to others as often as you’d like
  3. You may post images as long as you own them and there are no copyright infringement issues
  4. You may notify us if someone is doing any of the above.
  5. You may encourage and uplift others on this page


  1. You may not slander or use hate speech towards anyone on this site or your account will be deleted.
  2. You may not post images that present a copyright infringement issue.
  3. You may not take content from this site and post elsewhere.

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