Finding Love Again

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This course is for the single men and women who desire to find love again. You may be single after a divorce, long-term relationship, or period of healing. Whatever the situation, we will help get your mind, body, and spirit prepared and ready to love again. Of course, we will need your help. This is a partnership…and we cannot do it without. So, we will need you fully present during each lesson. That means, find a quiet space to engage in the material, complete activities and assignments, and take time to process each activity.

There are four sections to finding love again, they are:

  1. Healing past hurts
  2. Serving others
  3. Bettering yourself
  4. Attracting a mate

This tried and true method works. How do we know? After many trial studies as well as individual and couple testimonials, we can say that the “proof is in the pudding”. At the completion of this course, you will be well on your way to Finding Love Again. After all, that is the goal!

P.S. – Many of our clients have found love while taking this course. So, get ready real soon because love may be closer than you think!


What Will I Learn?

  • Tips for dealing with trauma
  • Purpose for serving others
  • Suggestions for bettering yourself
  • Techniques for attracting a mate

Topics for this course

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Open Your Heart?

Get ready to heal, serve, better yourself, and attract a mate.
Healing from Trauma

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